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Outsourcing your payroll and tax-related tasks can greatly reduce the time that you spend on payroll processing. EmPower HR is here to help.

Custom Solutions and Personal Interactions

As a business owner, you are passionate about running your business and serving your customers - not about payroll. That’s OK, because we are. We build a dedicated team around your business and get to know your organization so that we can tailor our payroll solutions to meet your unique needs. Your EmPower HR team includes experts in compliance, payroll tax, time management, benefits and technology. Payroll processing is full of transactions, but each time we connect with you or your employees, we strive to create the absolute best personal interaction possible.
Custom Solutions and Personal Interactions

More Than Just Payroll

We go beyond “just payroll.” EmPower HR makes payroll administration easy and efficient for you. You submit your team’s time and we take it from there. Utilizing our integrated cloud-based technology platform, we retrieve your submittal, review and audit it for accuracy, process the payroll and turn it back over to you for final approval. Our technology and web-based onboarding platforms are fully integrated to ensure that newly hired employees’ information is shared efficiently and seamlessly. EmPower HR maintains standard operating procedures and controls to ensure that our payroll processes are fully compliant so you can count on accurate, timely payroll according to your defined schedule.
More Than Just Payroll

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Find out more about the professionals who will create strategic and day-to-day solutions in the areas of HR, payroll, tax and employee benefits administration for you and your employees.

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EmPower HR creates solutions for our clients and their employees in the areas of HR management and compliance, payroll and tax administration and employee benefits administration.

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