PTO Calculation Tool


Supplementing Emergency Paid Sick Leave and eFMLA with Paid Time Off

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) requires employers with fewer than 500 employees to provide Emergency Sick Pay Leave and expanded Family and Medical Leave to employees unable to work or telework due to specified COVID-19 related reasons.


Under ESP, eligible employees will receive 100% of their regular rate when they are subject to quarantine or are symptomatic and seeing medical care for COVID-19. Eligible employees unable to work or telework due to the qualifications listed under ESC or ECC will be paid at 2/3 of their regular rate.

EmPower HR built a Leave Estimate report that provides how many hours of sick-pay-leave a part time employee should receive.
Here is a screen demo that will walk you through the different steps.

Employees receiving 2/3 pay under ESP or ECC may choose to supplement their leave pay with Paid Time Off (PTO) - and in some instances may be required by their employer under ECC to use PTO - to reach their 100% pay rate.  In order to determine how many hours of PTO to apply to an employee’s paycheck to maintain the employee’s typical gross wages, we have provided a simple PTO calculating tool.

How to use the Calculator 

The Calculator can be accessed here

The PTO calculator should be used if the client would like to supplement the sick pay paid at 2/3, that way the employee receives the full pay.  Here is a screen demo that will walk you through the different steps.
To use the calculator, simply populate Columns A through D with the employees’ information and the required PTO amount will show in Column H – PTO Hours, as outlined below and in this demo:

  • Column A – Employee ID:  Enter the employee ID of any employee wishing to supplement their two-thirds leave pay with PTO

  • Column B – Employee Name:  Populate the employees’ names

  • Columns C – Employee Regular Pay Rate:  Enter the employees’ regular hourly wage rate

  • Column D – Emergency Sick Hours to be Paid:  Enter the number of hours of sick leave pay the employee is to receive in the current pay period

The calculator will use the Employee Regular Pay Rate and Emergency Hours to be Paid total entered in Columns C & D to calculate the amount of PTO hours to be applied to each employee’s current pay period in order for those employees to receive their typical gross wage amount.  The PTO amount showed in Column H is the amount that you will need to apply to the system for payment (ideally on the same days in which the paid sick leave is processed). Once the PTO is applied to the pay period for each employee, the employees will receive their typical gross wages for the pay period.

Note: there may be minor differences from the typical gross wages due to rounding in the formulas, but any difference should be negligible.